Juan Lopez is a photographer currently focused in street, surfing, landscape and anything Hawai'i.   He's based in Honolulu, Hawaii, but was born and raised in San Francisco's historic Mission district.  Life in the Mission exposed Juan to the arts; Latino murals, graffiti from TWISTER, APEX, TMC, and the various parades embraced by the city; PRIDE, Cince de Mayo, Brazilian Carnival.  
When Juan was young, he climbed his rooftop in the Mission and gazed at the city's skyline.  Watching the fog slowly engulf Twin Peaks was a hypnotizing distraction as well.  The night sky was one of his many passions.  He would imagine life as an astronaut.  At the age of 18 Juan joined the US Marines and left his beloved city.  
Many years later, Juan found himself calling Hawaii home and still admiring city skylines.  However, at this stage in his life it was as a senior satellite imagery analyst.  Juan takes pride in truly having viewed the world through a lens from space!  A change in careers finally allowed Juan to evolve into digital photography; challenging himself to view the world from a different perspective.
"Juan Lopez captures moments in life and shares these unique experiences through the storytelling of his photography.”
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